Jess Dales

I was raised in the Pacific Northwest and currently live and work in Seattle. My passion for the outdoors started when I was little, and was inspired by my parents. As children, my brother and I would spend hours playing in the woods behind our house, collecting bugs, and making forts. That sense of wonder that I had as a child never truly went away, and as an adult I still feel the most grounded out in nature!

Over the years I have explored so many incredible places and have grown to appreciate everything that the world’s wild places have to offer. Always eager to learn and share my passion for the outdoors, I see every new adventure as an opportunity for self-growth. I believe that our experiences shape our worldview and ultimately who we are. For this reason I’m an avid collector of adventures—whether those adventures be hiking, backpacking, diving, or meeting new people! Insta: @jtaydales